Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2


I worked with Queen Elizabeth 2 as a full-time Design and Digital Marketing Manager. A challenging role to fulfill, and it is one of its kind floating entertainment, heritage, and hotel destination famed for its storied past from the 1960s.




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Queen Elizabeth 2
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Digital Marketing

I lead the team to develop and execute the digital marketing plan for QE2. Since QE2 had its audience from the past and the present and strong digital marketing plan was developed to reach out to the regional and worldwide audience.

We explored different channels including, online distribution management, database acquisition, and e-mail campaigns, search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile app marketing.

The result was a worldwide organic audience of 50,000+ in eight months, one million-plus website visits in a year, and a larger revenue through digital channels.

Art direction
Design & Photography

As a passionate graphic designer and photographer, I made sure that every aspect of Queen Elizebeth 2’s communication through design and photography is aligned as per the brand guidelines.

Below is a curated selection of artworks and photographs that were used for marketing communication.